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  • Mouth gags
    Mouth Gags- Tongue Forceps Molt cm 14 For adults.
  • Nasal specula
    Cottle Nasal Speculum.
  • Mouth Retractors
  • Welch Allyn Otoscope
    Riester offers first-class pocket instruments for ENT and direct ophthalmoscopy made of strong materials. The pen-scope otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes are suitable for both physicians and students alike.Their lightness and handy design make them not only useful companions during rounds and house calls, but also in daily use. pen-scope otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes convince with their particularly attractive cost-effectiveness.The pen-scope fiber optic otoscopes are used to illuminate and examine the external auditory canal. Innovative fibre-optics provide an optimal light beam. Difficult to reach locations can be illuminated with a source which is similar to daylight. High-class materials and first-class workmanship guarantee above average reliability in every examination. These pen-scopes opthalmoscopes use a 2.7 vacuum lamp provided with four apertures, without red open filter and are available in five colors. The battery handles for the opthalmoscopes in the sets use the battery handle type AA for two batteries type AA. (not included).Fibre-optics provide unhindered, glarefree vision. First-rate light transmission guarantees the best possible illumination also in poorly accessible parts of the body.
  • Esophagoscopy forceps
    Broncho Esophagoscopy Forceps Upper Jaw Moveable 30.0 cm
  • Dressing, Straight...
    Dressing Scissors, Sharp/Sharp 5 inches Straight Our instruments are carefully selected from worldwide manufacturers to offer you the highest quality, reliability and performance, with the best value for money. Our AWE range of Instruments offers reliability at excellent prices, with a 3 year warranty.We have the complete package to suit your surgical needs. We list only the surgical instruments used within medical practices on a regular basis, and should the item you require not be listed, please call our sales line where our advisors will be happy to source the item you require.