Ear Tags of Sheep


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It turned out that the Datamars applicators are hard to handle at least for a women’s hand, and they tend to stick to the ear of the sheep with the tag. Of course the animal tries to break free when she feels the pain and discomfort, and this only makes the matters worse.

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In the middle of June I discovered that the ears of all the three ewes were bleeding around the tag holes and flies were present, too. It was clear from observing the activities of the sheep that the wounds wouldn’t be able to heal, either. Our sheep like to scratch themselves against all kinds of walls, trees, large stones etc. Also, they scratch themselves with their hooves which are sometimes covered with manure. This sounds like a closed loop that keeps making itself worse.

Because I had no prior experience with how bad these ear tag holes may become, I called a vet. The situation was not that bad, she said, but each ewe received an anti-inflammatory injection and the vet applied Pederipra spray to the wounds – it is blue, by the way. Here is one of the ewes, called B, after treatment ...

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